Final Cut Pro 6 - Index

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"Mirror on desktop" option I-224
"monitor out" outputs I-310
% of Blur setting III-260
1/4" tip-ring-sleeve connectors I-193
1/4" tip-sleeve connectors I-193
1/8" mini connectors I-192
2:2:2:4 pull-down III-630, IV-421, IV-445
2:3:2:3 pull-down III-630, IV-445
2:3:3:2 pull-down III-630, IV-445
3/4" U-matic IV-188
3:2 pull-down III-630, IV-445
3D simulation transitions II-389
3G format IV-246
3GPP and 3GPP2 devices IV-246
3-point editing. See three-point editing
4:3 aspect ratio IV-445
4:3 monitors IV-434
8-bit precision IV-445
10-bit resolution IV-445
16:9 Wide button IV-430
16-bit resolution IV-445
16 mm film IV-446
24@25 pull-down III-631, IV-445, IV-466
24@25 Repeat III-631, IV-445
24 @ 25 timecode II-449, II-451
24-bit resolution IV-446
24p video formats IV-399
32-bit floating point processing III-74, III-665
32-bit resolution IV-446
35 mm film IV-446
60 @ 30 timecode II-441, II-451
65 mm film IV-446
70 mm film IV-446
0 dB and 0 dBFS measurements III-59, III-74, III-87
180-degree rule IV-446
1394 protocol. See FireWire