Final Cut Pro 6 - B

background image


background clips III-263
background modes III-275
background noise II-287, II-310, III-181
backgrounds I-86
backgrounds clips III-417
background screens, keying and III-424–III-426
backing up items I-286
backing up projects II-76–II-77

archiving IV-23–IV-24
autosave feature IV-20–IV-22
consolidating files IV-119
Revert Project command and IV-19

back lights IV-448
backtiming clips II-109, II-110, II-165, II-168–II-169
Balance control III-571
balanced audio signals I-196
balanced XLR connectors I-198
Balance Reset button III-572

equalization and III-154
frequency ranges III-20

Band Slide transition II-391, IV-151
Band Wipe transition II-392, IV-152
bars and tone III-68
Bars and Tone generator III-53, III-449
Base Output Filename option IV-297
base tracks (Insert Tracks dialog) II-121
Basic 3D filter III-250
Basic Border filter III-242
Basic Motion parameter III-258
bass frequencies III-20, III-155
Batch Capture dialog I-265, I-274–I-276, I-277
batch capturing IV-64, IV-449

additional items found I-278–I-279
batch capture list IV-444
batch lists I-309–I-313
described I-236, IV-448
EDL considerations IV-146
preparing for I-273
process I-272–I-279
selected clips only I-276–I-278
settings I-274–I-276
space requirements I-276
stopping and restarting I-278
workflows I-272

batch compression IV-448

Batch Export command IV-291–IV-293
batch exports IV-291–IV-299

changing item status IV-300
opening IV-299
performing IV-298–IV-299
redoing IV-300
selecting items for IV-292–IV-293
settings IV-292, IV-293–IV-298

batch lists I-309–I-313, IV-448

creating I-309–I-312
described I-309
vs. EDLs I-310
exporting I-312
importing I-237, I-310, I-312

batch recapturing. See batch capturing
baud rates IV-351
beats in music III-182

rendering audio and III-648
sound cues III-144
unrendered audio and III-628, III-634

Beep When Playing Unrendered Audio
option III-628, III-634
bels. See decibel
Best Take label II-206
Betacam SP equipment I-186
Betacam SP format IV-188, IV-189, IV-449

connecting equipment I-185
equipment setup I-182

Betacam SX format IV-449
Bevel filter III-242
Bezier curves III-308, III-310–III-311, III-314–III-316,
IV-139, IV-449
Bezier handles III-307–III-311, IV-449

adding to keyframes III-315
adjusting curves III-315–III-316
removing from keyframes III-316

bin icon IV-35
bins II-15–II-22, III-332, III-336

adding items to IV-293
adding to projects II-16
batch exports IV-292–IV-293
batch export settings IV-293–IV-294
Browser tab for II-19
capturing clips in I-276
changing name of IV-293
closing II-19
creating II-16, IV-292, IV-293
deleting from projects I-58
described I-31, IV-449
export settings IV-293
imported folders I-316
logging bin I-255–I-256, I-266, I-275
logging bins IV-461
moving items between II-21
multiclip elements in II-254

background image



opened in separate window IV-35
opening II-17, II-18
renaming I-58
searching II-28–II-30
selecting IV-298
selecting items for Media Manager IV-90
sorting II-27–II-28

bit depth

audio capture I-303, IV-346
audio interfaces I-189
capture presets IV-345
consumer audio I-199
digital audio III-29
exported audio III-194
imported audio files I-323
imported graphics III-370
imported video files I-320
settings III-39
still images IV-286
video formats IV-376, IV-390

bitmap files IV-234
bits per second IV-351

absolute III-542
analog video levels III-536
black alpha channel III-413
blacks, mids, and whites ranges III-510
ignoring in Histogram III-521
setup levels III-536

black, fading to or from II-379
black and code IV-194–IV-195
Black and Code button IV-195, IV-202
Black and Code dialog IV-195
black, between color bars and slate IV-206
blackburst generators I-200, I-308, II-46
blacked tapes IV-194
blacking tapes I-268
black levels IV-449
Black Level slider III-538
Blacks control III-579
Black setting (Master Settings tab) IV-206, IV-207
Blacks Reset button III-580
Blacks Select Auto-balance Color button III-579
Blacks slider III-572, III-573, III-582
black trailers IV-207
Blink filter III-252
“blue only” button III-542, III-544
Blue Screen filter III-246, III-427
blue screening IV-449
blur filters III-241

drop shadows III-259
around keyed subjects III-434
Motion Blur parameter III-260

BMP extension I-316
BMP files IV-234

BNC connector I-173, I-176, I-178, I-179, I-184
BNC connectors I-179
boosting audio IV-369, IV-449
boot disks I-212
border filters III-242
boundaries of clips IV-449
Box Slide transition II-391
“Break in the Timecode” message IV-441
breakout boxes I-174, I-176, I-177, I-191
B-reel edits IV-137
brightness III-535, III-542

measuring in analog video III-535–III-536

brightness (color)

filters III-245
font color III-478
HSB controls III-478

brightness (sound) III-55, III-154
Brightness and Contrast filter III-245
Brightness slider III-538
broadcast levels IV-450

dynamic range III-67
guidelines III-524
illegal III-523–III-525
legal III-509, III-523–III-525
range-checking options III-524–III-525
reference tones III-68

broadcast monitors I-220, III-542–III-544

calibrating III-553
using III-553
viewing graphics on III-375

broadcast quality IV-449
broadcast safe colors III-524, III-544
Broadcast Safe filter III-243, III-526–III-530, III-560,
broadcast video formats I-22
Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) file IV-104, IV-313,
B-roll IV-450
B-roll label II-206

bins in II-17
changing clip properties II-80–II-82
changing project properties II-75
changing reel names IV-147
clip properties in IV-36–IV-42
closing projects I-34, I-35
columns in I-59–I-66, IV-36–IV-42
copying items in I-57–I-58
creating projects I-32
creating sequences in I-55
customizing appearance of I-60–I-65
deleting items in I-58
described IV-450
displaying items in I-61
dragging audio clips to II-298
exporting sequences as batch lists I-312

background image



icons in IV-35–IV-36
icon view I-67–I-71
illustrated I-44
importing items in I-315–I-319
list view I-62–I-66
logging in I-237, I-238
markers in II-57
media management and IV-14
modifying timecode in II-448
moving and resizing window I-141
multiclips in II-260
navigating in I-57
opening clips in II-292
opening projects in I-34
organizing clips in II-138–II-139
overview I-53
poster frames I-70
renaming items in I-58
resizing text labels I-141
saving a custom layout in I-71
saving projects I-33
screen text size IV-309
searching for items in II-31–II-34
selecting items for Batch Export IV-292
selecting items for Media Manager IV-89
sequences in II-96–II-98
sorting items in II-27–II-28, II-97
tabs for bins II-19
tabs in I-49
timecode columns II-446
tooltips in I-59
using a custom layout in I-71
viewing items in I-54
working with I-55–I-58

built-in analog audio I-188
built-in audio III-38
built-in audio cards IV-345
built-in digital audio I-188
Bumpmap filter III-244
button bars I-46, I-155–I-158, II-269
Button List window I-156