Final Cut Pro 6 - D

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D-1 format IV-384, IV-454
D-2 format IV-454
D-3 format IV-454
D-5 format IV-188, IV-384, IV-454
D-5 HD I-22
D-5 HD format I-22, IV-400
D-9 format IV-400, IV-454
D-9 HD format IV-400
Data Rate option IV-252
Data Rate property IV-38, IV-46
data rates

analog video equipment IV-343
capture presets IV-342, IV-344
comparison chart IV-401
described IV-453
scratch disks IV-306

data transfer rates I-208
DAT devices I-172, I-199, I-323
dates in filenames I-39
DAT format I-23
DAWs (digital audio workstations) III-195, IV-453
daylight III-587

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dB. See decibel
dBFS units III-24, III-58
dBm units III-24
dBu units III-24
dBv units III-24
DCT encoding IV-393
deacceleration in time graph III-361
“dead” rooms III-55
decibels III-18, III-22, III-23, III-62–III-68
decibels (dB) IV-453
decibel units III-24
decks. See video decks
decompression process IV-453
Default Film Standard pop-up menu II-75, II-441
default keyboard shortcuts I-146, I-147
Default Timecode pop-up menu I-254
De-Interlace filter III-252
deinterlacing filters III-252, III-368
delay time in echoes III-161
Delete Point tool II-129
Delete Tracks dialog II-122
deleting items

angles II-264
clips II-197, II-200–II-202
control surfaces III-103
customized keyboard shortcuts I-152
Easy Setups IV-334–IV-336
favorite filters III-176
favorite transitions II-387
filters III-232
filters from clips III-169
found items II-34
handles IV-96
In and Out points II-117
items in Browser I-58
keyframes III-122, III-127, III-175, III-297–III-298,
layers in Photoshop files III-409
limiting, in Media Manager IV-101
logging information I-260
markers II-60, II-61
Media Manager settings IV-95, IV-99
offline media files IV-75
preferences file IV-316, IV-334
presets IV-332
render cache files I-115
render files III-674–III-675, IV-27
scratch disks I-166
sequences II-85
shortcut buttons I-157
split edits II-236
static regions II-135
in Timeline II-200–II-202
tracks from sequences II-122
transitions II-381
unused media II-42, IV-88

unused portions of clips IV-115
volume keyframes III-114

DePopper audio filter III-160
Depth setting for capture IV-345
Desaturate Highlights filter III-243, III-560, III-561,
Desaturate image filter III-245
Desaturate Lows filter III-243, III-560, III-561, III-610–
desaturating colors III-428, IV-453
Description field I-260, IV-340, IV-350, IV-362
Description property IV-34, IV-39, IV-47
deselecting items II-178
Destination controls

disconnecting II-125–II-126, II-143
in Timeline II-123–II-127

Destination option IV-297
destination track controls I-115, IV-203–IV-204,
destination tracks II-123–II-127, IV-453

assigning II-124
changing assignments II-125
disconnecting II-125–II-126
drag operations and II-142–II-143
selecting in Timeline II-127
source clips and II-127
superimpose edits and II-127

destructive editing processes II-43
device control

audio capture I-304–I-305
audio settings I-296
batch capturing and I-272
camcorders I-287, IV-354–IV-355
capturing video I-279–I-280
capturing video without I-287
checking for IV-333
consumer devices I-186
described IV-453
editing to tape and IV-194, IV-209
FireWire IV-355
Log and Capture window controls I-241
multiple decks and I-205
non-DV devices I-186
Print to Video command and IV-219
protocols for IV-354
serial devices IV-356, IV-360
settings IV-194
status messages I-204
verifying setup of IV-360
video capture without I-286–I-287
video decks I-287, IV-349–IV-355

Device Control pop-up menu I-305
Device Control Preset Editor I-254, IV-350–IV-353
device control presets I-244, I-254, IV-349–IV-353

audio mapping IV-218
described IV-324, IV-349

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serial devices IV-356
troubleshooting IV-360

Device Control Presets tab IV-350
device control protocols IV-351

external monitors and IV-221
mini-DV devices. See mini-DV devices
non-controllable IV-360
presets IV-324
protocols supported IV-354
settings IV-192, IV-194, IV-209
status of IV-202

devices. See equipment
Device setting for capture presets IV-345
Device Settings tab IV-201, IV-208, IV-209
device status indicators I-240
dialogue IV-453

from different takes III-180
editing III-179
off-camera III-180
tips for cutting III-178–III-181
tracks III-185

dialogue scenes II-232
dialogue stems III-185
Diamond Iris transition IV-151
Diamond transition II-390
Difference Matte filter III-247
Diffuse filter III-251
Digital-8 format IV-454
digital audio

See also audio
connecting equipment I-198
overview III-28–III-31

digital audio meters III-58
digital audio workstations (DAWs) III-195
Digital Betacam format IV-64, IV-188, IV-384, IV-454

connecting equipment I-186
equipment setup I-182
Final Cut Pro support I-22

Digital Cinema Desktop option I-223
Digital Cinema Desktop Preview feature I-226–I-228
digital data IV-453
digital full scale audio measurement III-58
digital full scale range IV-454
digital media I-216–I-217
digital multitrack format I-23
Digital S. See D-9 format
Digital SD video pixels III-371
digital-to-DV converters I-187
digital video

described IV-454, IV-455
frame rates IV-409

digital video. See video
Digitizer setting for capture presets IV-341
digitizing process IV-454
dimensions of graphics III-377

dimensions of video frames I-24, IV-375, IV-382
Dip to Color Dissolve transition IV-151
Dip to Color transition II-389
directories for media files I-35
directory paths IV-48, IV-81
disabled audio tracks III-196
disabled tracks I-115, III-675
disabling clips III-418
disclosure triangles IV-454
discrete audio II-293
disk arrays I-216–I-217
disks. See hard disks, scratch disks
disk space. See hard disk space
Displace filter III-244
dissolves IV-132
dissolve transitions II-371, II-389
distort filters III-244
distort handles III-276
distorting clips III-280, IV-454
distortion, audio III-25
distortion in audio I-303
Distort parameter III-259
Distort tool III-276
distribution in moviemaking process I-16
Dither Dissolve transition II-389, IV-151
dividers in Timeline II-134
Dock I-51
documentary-style projects I-251
Document Type Definitions (DTDs) IV-156, IV-158
Dolby Digital AC-3 format IV-272
Dolby Digital sound III-67
DOS file format IV-140
dots per inch (dpi) measurements III-370
double-byte characters IV-141, IV-144
double-sided logarithmic sliders III-227

HD (High Definition) video III-690–III-694

Downmix control III-75

described IV-455
exporting III-192
outputting all channels as stereo III-75
to stereo mixes III-47

Downmix pop-up menu IV-369
dpi measurements III-370
dragging files to Timeline I-319
dragging items

clips in Timeline II-191
“gearing down” II-193
Option-dragging II-196
sequences II-88

drag hand II-140, II-291, II-298, II-397
drag-to-Timeline editing

adding tracks II-142–II-143
described II-95
overview II-137–II-139

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drives. See hard disks, scratch disks
Drop Frame option I-125, IV-139
drop frame timecode II-441, IV-131, IV-139, IV-411–
IV-416, IV-455

in batch lists I-311
indicator I-106
overview I-26, I-125
selecting I-254

dropouts IV-376
dropped frames

See also long frames
A/V sync and IV-439–IV-440
data rates and IV-306
data transfer rates and I-208
during playback IV-308
EDLs and IV-131
marking long frames IV-125
mixdown audio and III-636, III-657
number of tracks and III-635
playback drops IV-193
in real-time effects III-625
reporting IV-193, IV-308
troubleshooting I-212

Drop Shadow parameter III-257, III-259
drop shadows IV-455

adding III-272
copying settings III-328

D stems (Dialogue stems) III-185
DTDs (Document Type Definitions) IV-156, IV-158
DTS format IV-272
dual mono audio I-300
dual mono channels

adjusting levels III-86
choosing in presets III-41
identifying III-27
overview III-90

dual system video and audio recording II-45, IV-455
dubbed tapes I-268, I-311
Duplicate as New Master Clip command IV-48
duplicate clip names I-273
Duplicate command II-87
duplicate frames I-127, II-388
duplicate frames detection IV-310
duplicate frames indicators I-131–I-132, IV-149,
IV-312, IV-455
duplicate timecode numbers I-267–I-269, II-440
duplicating. See copying

audio transitions II-386
clips II-211, II-363, III-378
clip speed settings and III-338, III-344
described IV-310, IV-455
in EDLs IV-132
elements IV-207
gaps II-205
incoming clips II-364

markers II-68–II-69
merged clips II-48–II-49
nested sequences and II-420
sequence clips II-212
setting specific clip duration II-104
still images III-378–III-379, IV-310
subclips II-40
three-point editing tips II-165
transitions II-382–II-383, II-405
variable speed settings and III-363
voiceover III-145

duration, limitations on I-117
Duration Calculator IV-207, IV-222
Duration property IV-34, IV-39, IV-47
DV-25 format IV-401

data rates I-208

DV audio IV-345
DVCAM codec III-638
DV camcorders IV-355
DVCAM format IV-188, IV-199, IV-399, IV-455

Final Cut Pro support I-22
FireWire DV interface and I-175

DV codec I-188, III-638
DV codecs

QuickTime-compatible IV-233
types of IV-231

DVCPRO 100 format. See DVCPRO HD format
DVCPRO 25 format III-638, IV-399
DVCPRO 50 format III-638, IV-188, IV-233, IV-399,
IV-401, IV-455

data rates I-208
Final Cut Pro support I-22
FireWire DV interface and I-175

DVCPRO format IV-188, IV-199, IV-384, IV-455

Final Cut Pro support I-22
FireWire DV interface and I-175

DVCPRO HD FireWire protocol IV-354
DVCPRO HD format III-638, IV-188, IV-209, IV-231,
IV-233, IV-399, IV-400, IV-456

Final Cut Pro support I-22
FireWire DV interface and I-175
previewing on external monitors I-221

DVCPRO HD option (Audio/Video Settings) I-223
DVD-authoring applications IV-276
DVD chapter markers II-54
DVD format IV-384

audio streams for IV-272
authoring applications IV-276
chapter and compression markers IV-273
creating IV-267–IV-273
creating video for IV-269
described IV-456
exporting sequences for IV-267
lines per frame IV-384

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DVD Studio Pro II-60

converting movies IV-268
exporting items for IV-276
markers IV-243

DVD-Video compliant formats IV-268
DV formats

audio channels I-301
black levels III-535–III-536
creating subclips I-283–I-285
data transfer rates I-208, I-210
DV format IV-399, IV-455
equipment setup I-162
external monitoring I-221
Final Cut Pro support I-22
FireWire DV interface and I-175
format choices IV-188
fuzziness in clips IV-442
lines per frame IV-384
list of formats IV-399
output requirements IV-189
sequence presets for IV-64

DV NTSC codec IV-231, IV-233
DV PAL IV-231, IV-233
DV PAL codec IV-233
DV Start/Stop Detection I-283
DV Stream files IV-188, IV-231, IV-232, IV-246,
DV timecode IV-194, IV-354
DV Time option IV-352
DV-to-analog converter box I-187
dynamic microphones III-138
dynamic mixing III-188
Dynamic playback option III-628
dynamic range IV-456

audio III-25, III-54
controlling III-67–III-68
Dolby, videotape, and television III-67

dynamic real-time playback III-629, III-676
dynamic real-time playback options II-278
dynamic trimming II-358, II-362, II-365
Dynamic Trimming checkbox II-362
Dynamic Trimming option IV-313