Final Cut Pro 6 - G

background image


gain I-302–I-304, III-535, IV-458

adjusting frequency ranges III-156
reducing III-158
voiceover III-144

gain control I-298
gamma IV-458
gamma correction III-245, III-631

described III-668
for still images III-669–III-672
for video III-669–III-672
real-time III-669

Gamma Correction filter III-245
gamut III-664
ganging playheads I-87, II-434–II-437, IV-458
Gang playhead sync option II-435, II-436
gaps II-202–II-205, IV-458

closing with ripple edits II-201
creating with lift edits II-200–II-201
editing clips into II-167–II-168
matching In and Out points II-112

gaps, audio III-178
gaps in timecode. See timecode breaks
Garbage Matte filters

alpha channels and III-218
Eight-Point Garbage Matte filter III-248, III-440
example of using III-440–III-443
Four-Point Garbage Matte filter III-440
irregular cropping and III-438
keyframing III-442
unkeyable elements and III-429

Gaussian Blur filter III-241

background image



“gearing down” II-193, II-344, IV-458
general preferences II-73
General tab II-73, IV-304
generator clips

adding to a sequence III-447–III-454
creating III-453
described I-74, IV-458
dragging to clip controls III-230
fonts and III-472–III-476
included with Final Cut Pro III-474–III-476
keyframe controls III-291
selecting I-88
settings I-79
text generators III-471, III-474–III-476
titling generators III-474–III-476
Y´CbCr color space and IV-29

Generator pop-up menu I-76, I-88
generators. See generator clips
generic edits in EDLs IV-138
genlocking devices I-179, IV-308, IV-347

audio devices I-201, I-304
genlock connectors I-200
professional equipment I-200
video interfaces I-184

GIF files IV-234
GIF format I-316
Glossary IV-445–IV-480
Good option (Logging tab) I-251, I-261
Good property IV-39, IV-45
good shots, marking I-261
Good Take label II-206
Go to In Point button IV-203
Go to Next Edit button II-361
Go to Out Point button IV-203
Go to Previous Edit button II-361
Gradient generator III-451
Gradient Wipe transition II-390, II-392, IV-152

See also still images
adding camera motion to III-379–III-385
alpha channels III-376, III-410
bit depth III-370
broadcast video and III-375
computer vs. video III-375
distorted III-371–III-374
duration of III-378–III-379
enlarging low-resolution graphics clips III-369
exporting QuickTime-compatible formats IV-247
file formats IV-234
flattening layers III-376, III-380
graphics clips IV-32
graphics overlays IV-157
importing I-316, I-328
line art III-376
in low-resolution sequences IV-62
overview III-365

Photoshop files III-407
pixels and III-369–III-374
real-time playback III-632
resolution III-369–III-371
scaling III-370
space requirements I-210
still images IV-285–IV-289
still image sequences IV-287
as titles III-480
video output and III-371–III-374

graphics cards I-176, I-226, III-633, III-669
gray, neutral III-580, III-589
grayscale backgrounds III-609
Green Screen filter III-246, III-427
green screening IV-449
grouping multiclips II-253
Group Selection tool II-175, II-177
GVG 4 Plus format IV-145