Final Cut Pro 6 - H

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Handle Length options III-198
handles I-258, I-276

audio clips III-188, III-198
Bezier handles III-308, III-315, IV-449
clip handles II-99, II-374, II-398
deleting IV-96
described III-198, IV-458
device control presets IV-353
drag handles II-397
duplicate frame detection and IV-310
options for III-198
velocity handles III-318, III-319
voiceover clips III-152
wireframes III-276, III-278–III-285

Handle Size field IV-142, IV-310, IV-353
hard disks

batch capture space requirements I-276
calculating space needs I-210
data transfer rates I-208–I-215
deleting items from IV-95
digital media storage I-217
EDLs and IV-144
fragmentation IV-440
heat buildup I-212
managing render files III-672
Media Manager summary IV-91
multiple disks I-207
naming I-39
problems with IV-439
removable media I-209
seek time I-209, I-213
selecting I-212
space required for projects I-209–I-211
speed of III-625
spindle speed I-209, I-213

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sustained transfer speed I-213
types of I-213–I-217

hard disk space

deleting items and IV-95
Media Manager summary IV-91

hard drives. See hard disks
hard recording method IV-198, IV-220

See also video equipment
installation settings IV-324
third-party hardware IV-444

hardware. See audio equipment, equipment
hardware processing IV-322
harmonics III-20, III-21, III-160
HD (High Definition) video

downconverting III-690–III-694

HDCAM format I-22, IV-64, IV-188, IV-400, IV-458
HDCAM-SR format IV-400
HD-SDI connectors I-181, IV-188
HD-SDI video

signals I-185

HDV 1080i50 FireWire protocol IV-354
HDV codec III-638
HDV FireWire NTSC protocol IV-354
HDV format IV-393, IV-400, IV-458
HD video

connecting professional devices I-185
data transfer rates I-208
Final Cut Pro support I-22
professional equipment I-185

head clips IV-458
headphones III-56, III-144
headroom III-25, III-67, IV-459
heads of clips II-374
heat buildup I-212, I-216

onscreen help I-10
tooltips I-47

help features IV-437
Hi-8 format IV-414, IV-459
hiding items

audio tracks III-80
columns in batch lists I-312
columns in Browser I-63
portions of clips III-405
thumbnails I-65
track strips III-78

hiding tracks II-129–II-130
High Definition Serial Digital Interface connectors.
See HD SDI connectors
high definition video IV-399–IV-401

compressed formats IV-400
data rates IV-401
formats IV-378, IV-399–IV-401
frame rates IV-409
OfflineRT format and IV-61

high definition video. See HD video
high definition video format

pixel shape III-371
stills from III-380

Highlight generator III-451
high-precision YUV (Y´CbCr) III-665
high-range frequencies III-155
hinted QuickTime files IV-259
Hinted Streaming option IV-259–IV-260
Histogram III-512, III-517–III-518, III-521, IV-459
hold mattes III-421
home stereo systems I-221
house sync I-200, II-46
HSB controls III-229, III-478
H-split button III-557
hue IV-459

adjusting III-574, III-583, III-597
described III-511
font color III-478
in Vectorscope III-515

Hue, Saturation, and Brightness controls III-229
Hue controls III-229, III-572
Hue Matching controls III-574, III-597–III-602
Hue Reset button III-572
Hue slider III-539
Hum Remover filter III-159–III-160