Final Cut Pro 6 - I

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i.Link protocol. See FireWire
icons in Browser IV-35–IV-36
icon view I-61, I-67–I-69, II-97–II-98, II-138–II-139
iDVD II-60
iDVD application IV-268, IV-276
IEEE 1394b connectors I-180
IEEE 1394 protocol. See FireWire
I-frames IV-273
Image+Wireframe mode III-274, III-275, III-313
Image+Wireframe setting I-85
image control filters III-245
Image Mask filter III-248, III-443, III-444–III-445

calibrating III-541
dimensions of imported files I-320
image sequences I-331–I-332
importing I-316, I-328

images. See graphics, still images
image sequences I-316, I-328, IV-247, IV-287–IV-289,
Image Sequence Settings dialog I-329
Image setting I-85
iMovie IV-232, IV-246, IV-263
Implode transition II-390
Import For option IV-142
importing items

audio files I-322–I-327

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batch lists I-237, I-312
vs. capturing I-316
cross fades and III-196
described IV-459
EDLs IV-140–IV-143
file formats I-315
files I-315–I-319
Final Cut Pro XML Interchange Format I-238
folders I-317–I-319
graphics I-316, I-328
keyboard shortcut layouts I-146, I-153
layered Photoshop files III-408
LiveType projects III-480
media files into Final Cut Pro I-315–I-319
numbered image sequences I-328–I-332
Photoshop files III-408–III-409
still images I-328, III-407–III-409
video files I-320–I-322
XML files IV-158, IV-160

Import XML window IV-159, IV-160
IMX codec III-638
IMX format IV-393, IV-459
IMX media I-321
In and Out points

audio II-286, II-297
clearing II-117
copying transitions between II-381
creating sync beeps III-187–III-188
described I-76, II-96, II-99–II-104, IV-459, IV-464
editing clips and II-170
editing without II-170
in EDLs IV-130, IV-132
exporting image sequences IV-287
extending on subclips II-38
handles II-374
incoming clips II-364
marking I-97
marking controls for I-82, I-97, I-242, I-257
matching to clips II-112
Media Manager settings IV-96
moving playhead to I-81, II-115, IV-224
not setting II-107
outgoing clips II-363
Out point inclusive rule II-100
playing clips between I-101
playing sequences IV-224
printing to video IV-221
properties IV-34
removing II-117
replace edits II-156–II-162
resetting II-115, II-116
reviewing II-105
ripple edits II-325, II-407
roll edits II-334
selecting clips and II-113
sequence clips II-429

setting I-82, I-91, I-97, I-257, II-103–II-104, II-106–
II-114, IV-213
slipping II-117
split edits II-231–II-236, IV-133
split In and Out points II-114
synchronizing angles in multiclips II-248
synchronizing for merged clips II-47
three-point editing II-145, II-165
in timecode I-110
timecode breaks and I-291
timecode settings II-104
transitions and II-380
trim edits II-341, II-344–II-346, II-358

Include Angle checkboxes II-247, II-254
incoming clips II-342, II-358, II-364, II-398, IV-459
incrementing numbers I-259
independent clips I-58, I-319, II-41, II-430, II-433

creating IV-51
described IV-34
Media Manager processes and IV-100

In point property IV-39, IV-47
In points. See In and Out points
input audio meters III-60
input audio settings III-143
input capture presets IV-343
Input Channels pop-up menu I-298
input frames III-346
input ports I-162, I-189, III-103
Input setting IV-341, IV-346
Insert Edit button IV-215
insert editing IV-199, IV-212–IV-215, IV-459

audio IV-216
blacking tapes and IV-195
described IV-198, IV-199
editing to tape IV-190
mini-DV devices and IV-212
performing IV-212–IV-215
previewing IV-199
requirements IV-200

insert edits I-92

angles in multiclips II-265
avoiding nested sequences II-424
copying clips II-413
described II-148
keyboard shortcuts II-148
performing II-139–II-141, II-150–II-151
in Timeline II-139

Insert Tracks dialog II-121
insert with transition edits I-92, II-148, II-151–II-152,
Inset Wipe transition II-392, IV-152
In Shift indicator II-364
installing items

After Effects filters III-240
control surfaces III-101
hardware IV-324

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presets IV-336

Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) IV-459
instrument levels I-196
“Insufficient content for edit” message II-110, II-157,

amplitude III-18
measuring III-22
in Vectorscope III-515

interchange formats. See project interchange
interface cards. See video cards
interface sounds, muting III-52
interlaced video I-173

reducing flicker III-252
still images and III-368

interlaced video scanning IV-375, IV-386, IV-387,
IV-407, IV-459
interleaved audio I-300
interleaved stereo files III-28
internal disks I-212
International Telecommunications Union
(ITU) IV-459

See also websites
audio output and IV-257
streaming QuickTime files over IV-259–IV-260
streaming video over IV-259–IV-260

Interview label II-206
interview scenes II-232
In to Out option IV-224
Invert filter III-242
inverting chroma keying III-434
Invert Selection button III-605
invisible tracks II-129–II-130, IV-313
IRE (Institute of Radio Engineers) IV-459
IRE units III-534
iris transitions II-390
Item Properties window I-36, II-82–II-84, II-446,
II-448, III-412, IV-36
ITU (International Telecommunications
Union) IV-459
ITU-R 601 specification IV-384