Final Cut Pro 6 - N

background image


Name field IV-340, IV-350, IV-362
Name option IV-297
Name property IV-33, IV-37, IV-45

angles II-263
audio filenames III-192
audio tracks II-304
automatic filenaming I-283
clip names I-249, I-251
clips II-245, IV-17, IV-37, IV-340, IV-350
exported items IV-297
files IV-15
finding items by II-183
markers II-60, II-64
master clips IV-45
matching when reconnecting files IV-82
media files II-245, II-246
Media Manager settings IV-97

background image



multiclips II-260
problems reading in Browser I-141
reel names I-250
reels IV-16
sequence presets IV-362
transitions II-387
window layouts I-145

names of audio tracks III-71, III-72
narration. See voiceover
narratives I-251
National Television Systems Committee format. See
NTSC format
native speed, viewing III-363
native speed option II-75, II-442

in Browser I-57
in Canvas I-99–I-105
controls for IV-202–IV-203
in Edit to Tape window IV-202–IV-205
Log and Capture window controls I-241
with markers I-262
shortcuts I-57
with timecode values I-133
in Timeline I-114–I-119, I-132–I-139
in Viewer I-99–I-105

near-field monitors III-56
nested sequences

audio export and III-196
audio items II-417
avoiding II-422–II-426
creating II-418–II-420
described II-80, II-89, II-411, IV-463
duration changes II-420
EDLs and IV-144, IV-150
opening II-350
preserving render files III-675
pros and cons II-417

Nest Items dialog II-419–II-420

media management and IV-18
sharing project files IV-66

neutral grays III-580, III-589
New Bin button I-255
New Merged Clip dialog II-48
New Offline Clip command I-238
New Project command I-33
Next Frame button II-362
NLE. See nonlinear editing
noise, background III-181
noise floor III-24, IV-463
noise gates III-158
Noise generator III-452
noise reduction filters III-159–III-160
nominal levels of sound III-24
Non-Additive Dissolve transition II-389, IV-151
noncontiguous clips II-178

non-controllable devices I-287, I-306, IV-360
nondestructive editing I-21
nondestructive filters III-154
non-drop frame timecode I-26, I-106, I-254, II-441,
IV-131, IV-410–IV-416, IV-463
non-DV format devices I-183, I-186
None option for external video I-223
non-interlaced video IV-363, IV-463

See also progressive video scanning

nonlinear editing I-21, I-236, IV-464

clip names IV-143
generic edits IV-138
media management and IV-18

non-optimized media I-322
non-SMPTE transitions IV-144
non-square pixels I-84, III-371–III-374, IV-385
non-timecoded footage I-286
Normal compositing mode III-393, III-397
“No shortcut” message IV-297
notes in logging I-261
notes markers II-55, II-57
“Not Threaded” message I-205
NTSC format I-23, II-441, IV-377

color bar standards III-540
contrast levels III-544
described I-23, IV-464
fps IV-406
frame rates IV-409, IV-411
OfflineRT format and IV-61
recompressing IV-93
timecode IV-411
timecode and I-238, IV-411

NTSC formats

frame and pixel aspect ratios III-373

NTSC legal colors IV-464
NTSC monitors IV-438
numbered image sequences I-316, I-331–I-332