Final Cut Pro 6 - Q

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QCELP audio IV-246
Q setting III-156
QTIF format IV-234
Quality setting IV-252, IV-342, IV-345, IV-364
quantization III-28
Queued option IV-297

applications suite IV-228
audio formats IV-59
batch exports IV-293–IV-299
codec support IV-229
compatible movie formats IV-232
exporting anamorphic media to IV-434
exporting still images IV-285
filters IV-253
Final Cut Pro and IV-231–IV-236
output types IV-232–IV-235
overview IV-227–IV-231
QuickTime-compatible formats IV-228
sound settings IV-257–IV-258
websites IV-231

QuickTime format IV-59, IV-228, IV-231, IV-269
QuickTime Image File (QTIF) I-316, IV-234
QuickTime movie file format. See QuickTime format
QuickTime movie files

alpha channels and III-410
analyzing IV-122, IV-124

Batch Export settings IV-295
contents of IV-31
converting numbered image sequences
into I-329–I-330
described IV-228
exporting IV-235–IV-236, IV-237–IV-241, IV-245–
exporting for DV streaming IV-263–IV-264
exporting for iDVD IV-276
exporting in AVI format IV-264–IV-266
exporting sequences as IV-237–IV-241
extension for IV-296
hinted IV-259
importing I-315
importing into DVD Studio Pro IV-276
Internet streaming IV-259–IV-260
markers in II-54, II-69, IV-274
reference movies I-319, I-330
save options I-330
sound settings IV-257–IV-258
time in IV-231
tracks and images in IV-229
types of IV-232
video settings IV-249–IV-254

QuickTime Player II-60

chapter tracks IV-274
described IV-228

QuickTime Pro I-329–I-330, IV-228
QuickTime settings IV-249–IV-260

audio IV-257–IV-258, IV-345–IV-346
capture presets IV-339–IV-346
video IV-249–IV-254, IV-341–IV-343

QuickTime settings in sequences IV-364
QuickTime Streaming Server software IV-259
QuickTime transitions II-390–II-391
QuickView tab III-640–III-643, IV-467

controls III-641–III-643
playback in III-642–III-643
uses for III-640