Final Cut Pro 6 - T

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tabbed windows I-49–I-50
tabs, described IV-474
tagging elements with XML IV-154
tail clips IV-474
tail slates II-248
tails of clips II-374
tape-based linear editing suites IV-65
tape coatings IV-376
tape size IV-376
tape-to-tape color correction III-550
tape-to-tape editing IV-197, IV-474
“Tape Trouble” message I-205
Targa format I-316, IV-27, IV-234, IV-474
Target Video Track Only setting IV-136
Tascam Digital Interface signal format I-195
TC property IV-42, IV-46, IV-147
TC Rate item property II-448

TDIF signal format I-195
technical support I-11
telecine III-548–III-550, IV-474
television I-219
television broadcast dynamic range III-67
television sets III-553
television speakers III-67
temperature, color III-587
template clips III-494, III-497–III-499, III-502–III-503
temporal compression IV-344
terminators I-215

font choices III-376
fonts III-472, III-478
spacing III-479
titling III-471
tracking III-479

text files I-310
text generators IV-157

overview III-471
types of III-474

text labels in Browser and Timeline I-141
text size

in Browser and Timeline IV-309

text tracks IV-229, IV-274
TGA format. See Targa format I-328
third-party audio interfaces I-189
third-party capture cards IV-64
third-party interfaces

audio interfaces I-199
settings I-224
uses for I-174
video interfaces I-182

three-point editing IV-474

described II-95
Edit Overlay and II-147
examples II-165–II-170
In and Out points II-106, II-165
overview II-145–II-148
performing edits II-149–II-164
sequence In and Out points II-111
types of II-148–II-149

Threshold parameter III-158, III-159
Threshold setting IV-312
through edit indicators I-127, II-210
through edits I-127, IV-148

in multiclips II-273
removing II-210

Thumbnail Cache setting IV-320
Thumbnail property IV-34, IV-42, IV-47
thumbnails IV-474

cache for IV-320
clip display I-125
displaying I-64
hiding I-65

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poster frames I-70
scrubbing through I-65, IV-320

thumb tabs I-117, IV-474
.tif extension IV-296
TIFF format I-316, I-328, IV-228, IV-230, IV-234,
IV-285, IV-296, IV-474
timbre III-21

available capture time I-240
listing for batch captures I-276

timebase (video rate) II-448, II-449
timecode I-25–I-26, IV-410–IV-416

24 @ 25 timecode II-451
60 fps timecode II-451
60 @ 30 timecode II-441
absolute and relative values II-352
accuracy of IV-145
analyzing in media files IV-123
audio I-110, I-304
audio from non-timecoded sources III-200
auxiliary timecode II-47
batch capturing and I-272
in batch lists I-311
blacking video IV-195
breaks IV-146, IV-441
Browser columns for II-446
calibrating IV-145, IV-194, IV-353, IV-357–IV-359
capturing IV-354–IV-355
capturing footage without I-286
clip duration and II-104
clip time vs. source time II-443
compared to frame rates II-440, IV-413
compared to video rates II-448
comparison chart IV-414
consumer mini-DV devices IV-194
custom hour numbers I-250
default mode in presets IV-352
described I-25, II-439, IV-410, IV-475
determining type of IV-410
device control presets IV-352
display options II-440–II-445
dragging values to other fields I-108
drop frame and non-drop frame I-26, I-125, I-254
drop frame timecode II-441, IV-139, IV-411–
IV-416, IV-455
duplicate timecode II-440
duplicate timecode numbers I-267–I-269
DVCPRO HD format and IV-209
edit to tape operations IV-203
EDLs and III-199, IV-130, IV-145, IV-147
ending timecode II-84
entering I-52
feet + frames timecode II-441
format of IV-410
gaps I-293
In and Out point settings II-104

incoming clips II-364
leader and trailer elements IV-208
longitudinal timecode IV-352, IV-414
LTC IV-414
marker duration and II-68
Media Manager operations and IV-99
merged clips and II-46, II-449
modifying II-446–II-450
moving clips with II-190–II-193, II-353
moving markers with II-65
moving playhead III-225
multiclip sequences and II-247, II-251
multiple camera shoots II-243
navigating with I-107–I-108, I-133
non-drop frame timecode II-441, IV-410–IV-416,
NTSC footage and I-238
offset IV-357, IV-358–IV-359
overlapping II-253, II-259–II-260
overlays I-85, I-109, I-110, II-445
precision editing II-351
problems with IV-441, IV-442
QuickTime files IV-231
rates in sequence presets IV-363
recapturing process and II-446
searching for items by II-183–II-184
serial connection IV-356
sliding clips with II-320
slipping clips with II-324
source timecode II-440
speed settings and III-363
starting timecode II-84, II-253, II-257–II-258
start time I-125, IV-139
sync color coding I-109, I-110
synchronized audio and video capture I-308
synchronizing merged clips with II-46
synchronizing multiclips with II-249, II-255
timecode breaks I-279, I-289–I-293
timecode burn-ins I-311
timecode gaps IV-475
timecode tracks II-443, IV-125, IV-200, IV-229
transferring audio to timecoded media I-306
trim edits and II-354
in Trim Edit window II-363
understanding IV-15
user-programmable IV-146
vertical interval timecode IV-352, IV-414
video I-110
on videotape IV-413
window burns II-445, II-452

timecode breaks

accounting for I-273
avoiding I-289
capturing process and I-289–I-293
capturing techniques I-279
recapture process and I-294

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timecode gaps I-293
types of I-291

Timecode Duration field I-76, I-92, I-106, I-240,
Timecode field II-448
Timecode Generator filter II-452
Timecode Insert control IV-203
timecode numbers II-439
Timecode Rate pop-up IV-363
Timecode Reader filter II-452
Timecode Synchronization pop-up menu II-253
Time Display option II-75
Time Display pop-up menu II-444
Time Graph III-359, III-362
Time Graph Output parameter III-363
time lapse photography IV-405
time-lapse photography IV-408

Audio Controls button I-120, I-121
audio editing II-301–II-305
audio levels III-111–III-115, III-129–III-130
audio waveforms I-126
automating audio levels III-129
Auto Select controls I-116, II-185–II-188
Canvas and I-111
changing pan in III-118
clips in II-92, II-292
color-coding and II-206
copying and pasting clips II-196–II-199
currently selected items II-171–II-173
customizing display II-130–II-135
cutting clips in II-207–II-209
deleting items in II-200–II-202
described I-111, IV-475
deselecting items in II-178
displaying the keyframe area III-325
display options I-124–I-132
dragging audio clips to II-298
dragging files to I-319
drag-to-Timeline editing II-137–II-139
drop frame timecode I-125
duplicate frames indicators I-131–I-132
duration of clips in II-211
editing in II-269
editing multiclips in II-269
filter bars I-128, III-167, III-230, III-322, III-324
filters III-167
finding items in II-183–II-184
illustrated I-44
In and Out point settings II-106–II-114
jumping to locations in I-133
keyframe area III-322
keyframe editor I-129, III-167, III-323, III-325
keyframe graphs III-322–III-324
keyframes III-99, III-113
labels for clips II-206

layering clips in III-389
linked clips II-214
Linked Selection button II-221
linking items in II-219–II-220
locking tracks in II-128–II-129
looping audio tracks III-96–III-98
markers in I-96, II-54–II-55
match frame operations II-433
merged clips in II-50
motion bars I-128, III-324
moving and resizing window I-141
moving clips within II-66, II-190–II-193
mute button I-120
navigating in I-114–I-119, I-132–I-139
navigating with timecode II-352
opacity levels III-391–III-418
opening sequences in I-113
overview I-114–I-124
playback options IV-224
playhead in I-86, I-117, I-139
positioning playhead in IV-224
preferences IV-315
recording from IV-219, IV-223–IV-225
recording to tape directly IV-191
render bars III-620, III-646
replacing clips from In point II-157
resizing text labels I-141
resizing tracks II-131–II-132
ripple edits II-327, II-328–II-329
roll edits II-336–II-337
ruler I-117
screen text size IV-309
scrolling in I-138–I-139, II-133–II-135
scrubbing sequences in I-133
selecting clips in II-176–II-182, II-184–II-185,
selecting edit points II-345–II-346
sequence clips I-123
sequences in II-86
setting destination tracks II-124
settings II-89–II-90
showing clips in III-419
slide edits II-318–II-321
slipping clips II-321–II-325
snapping in II-189–II-190
solo button I-120
Source and Destination controls II-123–II-127
speed indicator area III-349
speed indicators I-121, I-129, III-168, III-323,
speed settings III-348–III-349
starting timecode number I-125
static regions for tracks II-133–II-135
switching to Canvas or Viewer II-429
synchronizing playhead with Viewer II-434–II-437
tabs I-49

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Track Height controls II-132, II-302
transitions in II-373, II-374, II-382–II-384, II-403,
transparency effects III-390–III-418
trimming clips in II-342, II-347–II-348
unused area I-117
variable speed settings III-348
working with Canvas and I-113
zoom controls I-118
zooming view of I-118, I-134–I-136, II-296, II-303

Timeline Options tab I-124–I-129, II-449, IV-315,
Time Mode pop-up menu II-75
Time Remap attribute III-346
Time remapping III-363
time remapping IV-475

adjusting keyframes in the motion bar III-358–
compared to constant speed III-341
described III-342
Motion tab settings III-362
Time Remap tool III-353–III-358
tools III-348–III-363
understanding III-337, III-345–III-348
using the Time Graph III-359–III-362

Time Remap tool III-353–III-358
Timer option IV-352
Time Rremapping III-260
time scales in keyframe graphs III-302
times in filenames I-39
Time Source setting IV-352
timing information IV-208
timing signals I-307
Tint filter III-245
tip-ring-sleeve connectors I-193
tip-sleeve connectors I-193

EDLs IV-131, IV-135
fitting on screen III-473
LiveType III-480
online editing and IV-65
overview III-471
text generators III-474–III-476
title clips III-476

title safe areas IV-475
title safe boundaries I-85, III-269–III-270, III-382,
tone color III-21
Tool Bench I-142, IV-475

fader resolution and III-73
Video Scopes tab in III-512–III-513
Voice Over tab in III-141

Tool palette I-44, II-174–II-182, IV-475

See also specific tool names
keyboard modifiers III-293

pen tools III-293, IV-314
selection tools II-174–II-175, II-344–II-345
Timeline selection tools II-174–II-182
in Tool palette II-174–II-182

tooltips I-47, IV-307

speed settings III-349
variable speed settings III-355

To Out option IV-224
TOSLINK connector I-188
Total Disk Space field I-276
Total Media Time field I-276
Total setting IV-207
track audio meters III-60

color correction filters and III-581
shortcuts III-581

trackball shortcuts III-581
track faders III-71
track header IV-475
Track Height control II-302
Track Height controls I-119, I-129, II-132
Track Hinter Settings option IV-260
tracking III-479
Track Layout pop-up menu I-119, I-130, II-132
track level meters III-74
Track pop-up menu II-360

See also audio tracks, video tracks
adding I-116
adding additional space beneath III-322–III-324
adding to sequences II-120–II-121, II-142
ambience III-185
audio. See audio tracks
audio played in real time III-635
Auto Select controls II-185–II-188
auxiliary timecode tracks II-47, II-249
control track (videotape) IV-200
deleting from sequences II-122
described I-27, II-120, IV-475
destination tracks II-123–II-127
dialogue tracks III-185
disabled I-115
disabling II-129–II-130
disconnecting Source and Destination
controls II-125
display options I-130
dragging clips into II-127
finding items in II-184
gaps in II-202, II-203, II-203–II-205
height II-302
invisible tracks III-675, IV-313
key tracks III-418, IV-148
layouts II-133
locked tracks II-126, II-128–II-129, II-343, IV-461
locking I-116
moving audio between II-304–II-305

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moving clips between II-191
music III-185
names II-304
number of I-125
offsets II-143
pasting clips onto II-196–II-199
QuickTime files IV-229, IV-231
resizing in Timeline II-131–II-132
ripple edits on multiple tracks II-332
scrolling through I-139
scrolling vertically through II-133–II-135
selecting II-174, II-180–II-182, II-185–II-188
selecting all clips on II-180
selecting for capture I-263–I-265
selecting items forward or backward II-181
selection tools II-180–II-182
separation II-143
in sequences II-85
sound effects III-185
switching angles II-274
timecode tracks II-443, II-447, IV-200
vertical height I-125
video. See video tracks
voiceover tracks III-185
working with regions I-139, II-133–II-135

Track Size option I-125
Tracks property IV-42
track strips IV-476

hiding III-78
Track Strips area III-70, III-72

Track Visibility area III-70, III-71, III-80
Track Visibility control I-115, II-130, III-71, III-80,
III-189, III-197, IV-476

adding IV-207
black trailers IV-207
elements IV-205
options IV-207

Trailer setting IV-207

avoiding IV-233
OfflineRT format and IV-62

transferring items. See copying, importing items
transferring projects

email or Internet IV-66
multiple workstations IV-17

transition codes IV-151–IV-152
Transition Editor II-395–II-407, IV-476

controls II-396–II-402
displaying clips in II-402
opening transitions in II-403

transitions I-92

After Effects transitions II-393
alignment II-374, II-384
applying II-373–II-378, II-403

audio transitions II-305
copying II-381, II-403
creating favorites III-333–III-336
custom settings II-402
default transitions II-376–II-377, II-386, II-402
deleting from sequences II-382
described II-371, IV-476
displaying II-373, II-405
duplicate frames and II-388
duration II-382–II-383, II-405
editing clips after applying II-384
EDL export transition codes IV-151–IV-152
EDLs and II-380, IV-136, IV-144, IV-148
fade-to-black transitions II-379
favorites II-386, II-387
handles and II-374
identifying as real-time effects III-620
included with Final Cut Pro II-389–II-393
insert with transition edits II-151–II-152, II-375
modifying II-382–II-384, II-395–II-407
moving II-380, II-406
names II-387
online editing and IV-65
opening II-396, II-403
overwrite with transition edits II-154–II-155, II-375
previewing II-409
properties II-402
rendering II-408–II-409, III-645, III-676
replacing II-385
reversing direction II-401
ripple edits II-407
roll edits II-406
in sequences II-371–II-380
settings II-402
Start/End percentages slider II-399–II-401
swapping II-385
Transition Editor II-396, II-403
trimming II-404–II-407
types noted in EDLs IV-132
V2 tracks and IV-148
wipe codes IV-151
Y´CbCr color space and IV-29


clip backgrounds I-86
effects III-390–III-418
masks III-423
overlays I-126

transport controls II-361, II-368, III-107, IV-204,

in Canvas I-79, I-91, I-94
in Log and Capture window I-241
in Viewer I-76, I-79, I-94

Trash, emptying IV-75
trashing Preferences file IV-316, IV-334
travel mattes III-406

background image



trim edits

See also trimming
clips with transitions II-384
controls II-343–II-344
dynamic trimming II-358, II-365
performing II-347–II-348, II-364–II-368
selecting edits and clips II-344–II-346
using timecode II-354
windows II-342

Trim Edit window II-357–II-368, II-369, IV-313, IV-476

closing II-360
controls II-360–II-364, II-368
described II-357
keyboard shortcuts II-365
opening II-359
playing audio II-369–II-370
reviewing edits in II-368
slipping clips in II-369
trim edits in II-342, II-365–II-368
using II-364–II-368

Trim Forward and Trim Backward buttons II-358,

See also trim edits
alert messages II-355
asymmetrical editing II-332–II-334
audio clips II-298–II-300
clips II-404–II-407
described II-341, II-404, IV-476
dynamic trimming II-358, II-365
editing with timecode II-351
extend edits II-348
Gang mode II-436–II-437
opening clips for II-350–II-351
ripple edits II-327
selecting clips for II-184–II-185
selecting edit points for II-345–II-346
selection tools for II-184–II-185
settings IV-313
transitions II-404–II-407
in Trim Edit window II-357–II-368
in Viewer II-298–II-300

Trim with Edit Selection Audio option II-369
Trim with Sequence Audio option II-369
troubleshooting IV-437–IV-444

A/V sync problems IV-439–IV-440
See also alert messages
Analyze Movie command IV-122
Audio Mixer controls unavailable III-82
audio peaks III-63
audio problems IV-443
Autosave Vaults on other drives IV-21
batch lists I-313
blocky still images III-384
broken links to media files IV-74

camcorder/deck problems I-203, IV-438, IV-442,
common problems IV-438–IV-444
connecting devices with Final Cut Pro open I-225
contacting AppleCare Support IV-444
device control setup IV-360
dragging markers out of clips II-40
dropped frames I-212, III-625, IV-439–IV-440
duplicate timecode numbers I-267
editing to tape IV-441
EDLs IV-134, IV-144
external speakers IV-439, IV-443
external video monitors I-231
fringing III-428
fuzzy still images III-368
importing batch capture lists IV-444
importing EDLs IV-142, IV-444
monitor problems IV-438, IV-442
pasting attributes into clips III-231
performance problems IV-444
playback problems IV-125, IV-438–IV-442
after power failures IV-23
recompression process IV-93
Record Audio Keyframes button missing III-78
reference movies IV-442
stuttering video IV-442
timecode breaks I-293
timecode problems IV-441, IV-442
trashing Preferences file IV-316
video devices I-203, IV-438
video problems IV-439–IV-440
XML file import IV-159

TRS (tip-sleeve) connectors I-193
TrueType fonts III-472
TS (tip-sleeve) connectors I-193
tungsten lighting III-587
two-channel audio III-27
two-pops. See sync beeps
two shots IV-476
Two Up window layout I-144
Type option IV-297
Type property IV-42
Typewriter generator III-476