Final Cut Pro 6 - U

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uLaw format I-315, IV-235, IV-247
Ultra 160 SCSI disks I-215
Ultra2 LVD SCSI disks I-215
Ultra 320 SCSI disks I-215
Ultra ATA disk drives I-213
Ultra DMA disks I-213
Ultra EIDE disks I-213
U-Matic (3/4-inch) format IV-476
“Unable to locate the external video device”
warning I-225

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unbalanced audio cables I-198
Uncompressed 4:2:2 formats III-638
uncompressed AIFF format IV-272
uncompressed digital video

data rates I-208
transfer rates I-210

uncompressed high definition tape formats IV-401
uncompressed standard definition video
format IV-401
uncompressed video IV-188, IV-233, IV-393
underscan video IV-476
Undo command I-51, II-73, II-94, III-675, IV-305
unknown codecs IV-27
Unlimited RT mode III-676
unlinking linked items II-220
“unrendered” message III-648
Unsharp Mask filter III-250
unused clips II-32
unused media II-29, II-42

deleting IV-88
described IV-15
Media Manager settings IV-95
removing with Media Manager IV-109

Up button in Log Bin controls I-255
Update button for markers I-262
Update button for multiclips II-254
updating external output I-225
updating older projects IV-24–IV-28
updating software I-11
USB audio interface I-190
USB hubs I-182, I-202
USB-to-serial adapters I-182, I-202
USB video interface I-177
Use Deck Search Mechanism option IV-353
used media II-29
Use Item In/Out option IV-296, IV-297
Use Logged Clip Settings option I-275
Use Overlapping Timecode option II-253, II-259–
User Preferences window II-73, IV-303–IV-316,
user-programmable timecode IV-146
Use Starting Timecode option II-253, II-257–II-258
using with Final Cut Pro III-201–III-213, III-213–