Final Cut Pro 6 - W

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Warn After Capture option I-291

audio output channels III-39
device control status I-204
disabling I-225
external A/V devices not found III-39
non-optimized media I-322
timecode breaks I-291

warnings. See alert messages
Wave filter III-244
WAVE format I-315, III-189, IV-59, IV-228, IV-231,
IV-296, IV-478
waveform displays I-77, I-126
Waveform Monitor III-426, III-512, III-513–III-514,
III-521, IV-478
waveform monitors III-535

audio levels and III-57
in audio tracks II-301

displaying III-112
dynamic range III-25
navigating through II-294–II-303
scrolling through II-296
waveform display II-130, II-287, II-289, II-291

wavelet compression IV-393
.wav extension IV-296
website for FXScript effects language III-218

See also Internet
Apple I-11
AppleCare Knowledge Base IV-437
AppleCare Support IV-444
Final Cut Pro I-11
FireWire IV-355
QuickTime websites IV-231
still images IV-285

Whirlpool filter III-244
white alpha channel III-413
white balancing IV-478
white levels IV-478
White Level slider III-538

See also super-whites
color balance in III-571
in luminance III-510
maximum whites III-375

Whites Auto-Balance eyedropper III-580
Whites control III-580
whitespace (XML) IV-156
Whites Reset button III-580
Whites slider III-572, III-573, III-582
white value IV-27
Widescreen filter III-218, III-249
widescreen format IV-478
widescreen monitors IV-434
Wind Blur filter III-241
window burns I-178, I-311, II-445, II-452, IV-129,
IV-358, IV-479
window dubs I-311
window layouts I-48, I-143–I-146, III-553

See also specific windows
activating I-44, IV-307
layouts I-48, I-143–I-146
moving I-50
moving and resizing I-141
overview I-43
tabbed windows I-49–I-50

Windows systems III-189
wipe pattern IV-479
wipes II-371, II-372, II-380, II-392–II-393, IV-132
Wipe transition II-391
wipe transition codes IV-151
wireframe handles III-278–III-281

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wireframe modes III-274–III-276

handles III-276
Image+Wireframe mode III-274, III-275
Wireframe mode III-274, IV-479

wireframes I-85
Wireframe setting I-85
wireless devices IV-246
word-processing programs I-310
workstations IV-17
Wrap Wipe transition II-393
write-protection tab IV-194