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 Final Cut Pro 6 User Manual
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User Manual

The Final Cut Pro 6 User Manual provides comprehensive information about the
application and is organized into several volumes:

 Volume 1—Interface, Setup, and Input: Explains the basics of the Final Cut Pro

interface and the elements of a project, and provides instructions for setting up
your editing system, capturing footage to your computer, and importing files.

 Volume 2—Editing: Discusses each part of the video editing process, including

organizing your footage, creating a rough edit, and fine-tuning your edit using
advanced trimming techniques. Also includes instructions for multicamera editing
using powerful new multicamera editing tools.

 Volume 3—Audio Mixing and Effects: Provides instructions for mixing audio and

enhancing your video using the elaborate effects capabilities of Final Cut Pro. Topics
include adding transitions and filters, creating motion effects, compositing and
layering, creating titles, and color correcting your footage. Also covers real-time
playback and rendering.

 Volume 4—Media Management and Output: Provides information about managing

projects and media files, exchanging projects between editing systems, and
outputting completed projects. Also contains detailed explanations of settings
and preferences and information on video formats, frame rate, and timecode.

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Final Cut Pro 6 Documentation and Resources

Note: The four-volume user manual is also available onscreen; see the next section,