Final Cut Pro 6 - Adding Times and Dates to FinalCutPro Project Names

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Adding Times and Dates to Final Cut Pro Project Names

When you make a backup copy of your project file, adding the date to the project
name helps identify the file among the other saved versions. If you add dates to a
filename, avoid using special characters like the slash (/), since that may be interpreted
by Mac OS X as a file separator.

The Final Cut Pro autosave feature appends the date and time in the following format:
ProjectName_03-21-04_1744. The filename above is a backup of a project called
ProjectName. The date is March 21, 2004, and it was saved at 5:44 PM. Note that the
name includes no white space. This filenaming convention is simple, consistent, and
easily identifies the order in which the project files were created. (For more information
about this feature, see Volume IV, Chapter 2, “Backing Up and Restoring Projects.”)