Final Cut Pro 6 - What Are Bins?

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What Are Bins?

A bin is a folder within a project that can contain clips and sequences, as well as other
items used in your project, such as transitions and effects. You use bins to organize
these elements, sort them, add comments, rename items, and so on. Bins help you to
design a logical structure for your projects, making your clips easier to manage.

You can create separate bins for organizing clips by movie scene, source tape, or any
other category. You can organize bins hierarchically and open them in their own
windows. You can even put bins inside other bins. There is no limit to the number of
bins you can have in your project, or the number of items you can store in each bin.

Bins exist only in project files. Changes you make to the contents of a bin, such as
deleting, moving, and renaming clips or renaming the bin itself, have no effect on the
original media files stored on your computer’s hard disk. If you delete a clip from a bin,
the clip’s media file is not deleted from the hard disk. Likewise, creating a new bin does
not create a new folder on your hard disk.