Final Cut Pro 6 - What Are Clips?

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What Are Clips?

Once you have media files on your hard disk, you need a way of working with them in
Final Cut Pro. A clip is the most fundamental object in Final Cut Pro. Clips represent
your media, but they are not the media files themselves. A clip points to, or connects
to, a video, audio, or graphics media file on your hard disk. (For more information on
the relationship between media files and clips, see “

About the Connection Between

Clips and Media Files

” on page 35.)

Clips allow you to easily cut, trim, rearrange, and sort your media without manipulating
it directly. You manage and organize your clips in the Browser. The three kinds of clips
you’ll see most often are video, audio, and graphics clips, but there are other kinds of
clips that can be stored within a project, such as a generator clip (a clip whose media is
generated within Final Cut Pro). You can also subdivide a clip into separate pieces,
called subclips, to further organize your footage.




Media files on your hard disk


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Chapter 3

Understanding Projects, Clips, and Sequences