Final Cut Pro 6 - Organizing Your Projects

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Organizing Your Projects

Typically, you create a new project file for each movie you work on, regardless of its
duration. For example, if you’re working on a documentary about a bicycle
manufacturing company, you would create a project for it. If you’re also working on an
industrial training video about how to fix bicycles, that would be a second, separate
project. Both projects could conceivably refer to some of the same media, but they are
completely independent structures, each with their own clips, bins, and sequences.

Very large movie projects, such as feature films and documentaries with high shooting
(meaning most of the footage shot during production will not be used in the
final movie), may contain thousands of clips. Although the number of clips and
sequences you can store in a project is theoretically unlimited, Final Cut Pro may take
longer to search, sort, and update if there are too many clips. If you find that managing
your project is becoming difficult, you can always break one project into several for the
early editing stages.