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About Timecode

Timecode is a signal recorded with your video that uniquely identifies each frame on
tape. When you capture video or audio in Final Cut Pro, you also capture the timecode
signal, which is displayed in Final Cut Pro when you play back your clips. Timecode
allows you to recapture your footage from tape and always get the same frames.
Final Cut Pro uses SMPTE timecode (developed by the Society of Motion Picture and
Television Engineers) which is represented in hours, minutes, seconds, and frames,
using the following format:

In Final Cut Pro, timecode is used for synchronization between video and audio clip
items, project interchange (such as Edit Decision Lists), and recapturing clips from tape.
When you play clips, Final Cut Pro displays the media file timecode. Timecode also
allows you to navigate through your sequences, and see how long your edit is.

For more information about timecode, see Volume II, Chapter 25, “Working With Timecode.”

Hours Minutes Seconds Frames

SMPTE timecode


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