Final Cut Pro 6 - Working with the Browser in Icon View

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Working with the Browser in Icon View

In large, medium, or small icon view, you arrange your clips graphically in the Browser.
Video clips are displayed as a thumbnail of the starting frame of video, audio clips are
displayed as a speaker, and bins are indicated by a folder icon. If a video clip has an
audio track, a small speaker icon appears inside the clip’s thumbnail.

You can use different views for open Browser windows and tabs. For example, you
can keep the main tab of your project in the Browser in list view for organizational
purposes, but open bins in their own windows or tabs using large icon view to quickly
identify clips visually.

Scrubbing Through Clips in Icon View

In large icon view, you can scrub through video clips to see their content. You can also
scrub through thumbnails of clips displayed in list view (see “

Working with the Browser

in List View

” on page 62). However, you don’t have all of the options you have in large

icon view.

Note: You can’t scrub through clips in small icon view.

Thumbnails of

clips in icon view

Video clip with audio

Audio clip

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Part II

Learning About the Final Cut Pro Interface

To scrub through clips in large icon view:


Do one of the following:

 Select the Scrub Video tool in the Tool palette.

Note: When the Scrub Video tool is selected, you can hold down the Shift or
Command key to temporarily make the Selection tool active to select, open, or
move clips.

 With the Selection tool selected, press Control-Shift to temporarily make the Scrub

Video tool active.


Drag the Scrub Video tool over the thumbnail.

Selection tool

Select the Scrub
Video tool.

Move right to scrub
forward; move left to
scrub backward.

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Chapter 5

Browser Basics



Automatically Arranging Clips in Icon View

When you’re in icon view in the Browser, you can organize clip icons however you
want. You can use the Arrange commands to automatically arrange your icons from left
to right, either in alphabetical order or by duration, within the current width of the
Browser or bin window. This is useful if the Browser or a bin window has overlapping
icons or if you find yourself constantly scrolling to see icons.

To arrange items in the Browser into rows in icon view, do one of the following:


Choose View > Arrange, then select by Name or by Duration.


Control-click in an empty area of the Browser, then choose Arrange by Name or
Arrange by Duration from the shortcut menu.

Before using the
Arrange command

After using the
Arrange command

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Part II

Learning About the Final Cut Pro Interface