Final Cut Pro 6 - How You Use the Browser

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How You Use the Browser

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Learning About the Browser

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Working in the Browser

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Using Columns in the Browser

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Customizing the Browser Display

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Note: For information about organizing footage in the Browser, see Volume II,
Chapter 1, “Organizing Footage in the Browser.”

How You Use the Browser

The Browser is a powerful tool used to organize your project’s clips. In the Browser,
you can sort, rename, and rearrange hundreds of clips in a multitude of ways. You
can also customize how the Browser displays information about clips to suit your
preferred work habits.

You can think of the Browser as a way of viewing and manipulating your clips as if they
were in a database or spreadsheet. Each row represents a clip or sequence, and each
column represents a property field containing information about that clip or sequence.

Note: For more information about the basic organizational elements of Final Cut Pro—
media files, clips, sequences, bins, and projects—and how they relate to the Browser,
see Chapter 3, “

Understanding Projects, Clips, and Sequences

,” on page 27.

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Part II

Learning About the Final Cut Pro Interface