Final Cut Pro 6 - Viewing Columns in Standard or Logging Formats

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Viewing Columns in Standard or Logging Formats

There are two default column layouts included with Final Cut Pro: standard and
logging. You can customize both layouts for particular projects. You can also create and
save your own column layouts.

 Standard Columns: Choose this option to see most of a clip’s properties.
 Logging Columns: Choose this option when logging clips, so you can focus on clips’

logging properties (such as Media Start, Media End, Duration, and Reel) and the
Browser isn’t cluttered with other information.

You can customize both column layouts, displaying, hiding, and reordering columns in
any way you like. Any modifications you make are remembered for the column layout
you’re using for that project. New projects you create use the default column layouts.

Note: For a description of column information, see Volume IV, Chapter 3, “Elements of a
Final Cut Pro Project.”

To switch between standard and logging columns:


Control-click any column heading in the Browser, then choose Standard Columns or
Logging Columns from the shortcut menu.