Final Cut Pro 6 - Moving and Resizing FinalCutPro Windows

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Moving and Resizing Final Cut Pro Windows

All open windows in Final Cut Pro—the Browser, Viewer, Canvas, and Timeline—can be
individually moved and resized to suit both your working style and the task at hand,
even across multiple monitors.

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Part II

Learning About the Final Cut Pro Interface

Note: You can also resize and move the Tool Bench window, a window used for
specialized editing, including audio mixing and recording voiceovers.

For example, you may want to increase the height of the Timeline while simultaneously
shrinking the size of the Viewer and Canvas to work on a sophisticated multitrack
sequence. You could also enlarge the Browser while shrinking the Timeline to perform
multicolumn searches for clips in the Browser as you edit.

When you’re viewing windows arranged together on a single monitor, you can drag the
border between any aligned group of adjacent windows to quickly resize all the
windows at the same time.

Default Two Up layout

Layout after making the

Browser and Timeline

larger and the Viewer

and Canvas smaller.

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Chapter 10

Customizing the Interface



To resize multiple windows at the same time:


Move the pointer over the border between the windows you want to resize.

The pointer changes to the Resize Window pointer.


Drag the border in the desired direction to resize the appropriate windows.

The windows on either side of the border are resized accordingly.

Any border between two windows in Final Cut Pro can be dragged. When borders line
up, such as the tops of the Browser and Timeline, they act as a single border—resizing
one window resizes the other as well.