Final Cut Pro 6 - Adding Shortcut Buttons to a Button Bar

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Adding Shortcut Buttons to a Button Bar

Button bars that you set up are automatically saved when you quit the application and
restored when you open it again. You can rearrange, copy, and drag shortcut buttons
to further customize the button bar in each window.

Note: You can add any number of shortcut buttons to the button bar; however, excess
buttons may not be visible within the window.

Shortcut buttons added
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Tooltip for a shortcut

Icon for a shortcut

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Part II

Learning About the Final Cut Pro Interface

To create a shortcut button in the button bar of a window:


Make sure the window you want to add the shortcut button to is displayed. If you’re
adding a shortcut button to the Tool Bench window, make sure the tab of the feature
you want is in front.


Choose Tools > Button List.

The Button List window appears. This looks the same as the command list area of the
Keyboard Layout window.

Tip: You can also drag icons from the command list area or keyboard area of the
Keyboard Layout window.


Drag an icon from the Button List window to the window where you want the shortcut
button to appear.

A shortcut button with an icon for the specified operation now appears in the window.
As more shortcut buttons are added to the button bar, tabs in the window move to
accommodate them.

Note: You may need to resize the window to view all shortcut buttons and tabs. If the
buttons in a button bar exceed the width of the window, a dot appears on the left
edge of the button bar, indicating there are more buttons that cannot be seen. To see
the additional buttons, you need to widen the window.

To use shortcut buttons to perform commands:


Click the shortcut button in the button bar of the desired window.

The window containing the shortcut button does not have to be active.