Final Cut Pro 6 - Looping Playback

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Looping Playback

Normally, playback of a clip or sequence starts at the current playhead position and
stops at the end of the clip or sequence. If you enable looped playback, the clip or
sequence plays over and over again until you stop playback.

When looped playback is enabled:

 Using Play In to Out loops playback only between your two edit points.
 Playing in reverse loops playback from the end of your clip to the beginning.
 In all other playback modes, playback always starts over from the beginning of the clip.

Note: When you loop playback, there is a split-second pause at the end of your clip or
sequence before the next loop starts. For this reason, enabling looped playback to loop
a sequence during output to tape from the Canvas might not give you the results you
want. For more information on outputting to tape, see Volume IV, Chapter 15, “Printing
To Video and Output From the Timeline.”

To move precisely
through a clip, drag
the jog control.

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Part II

Learning About the Final Cut Pro Interface

To enable looped playback:


Choose View > Loop Playback (or press Control-L).

If it’s already enabled, you’ll see a checkmark next to the command in the menu.

To disable looped playback:


Choose View > Loop Playback (or press Control-L) again, so that the checkmark next to
the menu item disappears