Final Cut Pro 6 - Changing Timeline Display Options

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Changing Timeline Display Options

The default Timeline display options for new sequences are defined in the Timeline
Options tab of the User Preferences window. (For more information, see Volume IV,
Chapter 23, “Choosing Settings and Preferences.”)

You can change Timeline display options for existing sequences in several places:

 Timeline Options tab of the Sequence Settings window: This tab shows all the options

available for displaying items in the Timeline. For more information, see the next
section, “

About Timeline Display Options in the Sequence Settings Window


 Timeline display controls: These controls include the Clip Keyframes, Clip Overlays,

and Track Height controls. For more information, see “

About Timeline Display

Controls in the Timeline

” on page 129.

 Track layout pop-up menu: You can use this pop-up menu to change some Timeline

display options, as well as save, choose, or restore custom track layouts. For more
information, see “

Timeline Display Options Available from the Track Layout

Pop-Up Menu

” on page 130.