Final Cut Pro 6 - Audio Controls

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Audio Controls

 Audio Controls button: Click to display the mute and solo buttons to the left of each

audio track in the Timeline. By default, these controls are hidden.

 Mute and solo controls: Use to enable and disable audio playback on individual tracks

for monitoring purposes. The track strips in the Audio Mixer have corresponding
mute and solo buttons that work the same way. For more information, see Volume III,
Chapter 4, “Overview of the Audio Mixer.”

 Mute: Click to turn off audio playback for that track. The mute button affects

monitoring during playback only. Muting a track does not delete panning or audio
level keyframes for the clip items in that track, nor does it prevent fader automation.

 Solo: Click to listen only to an individual track. When you solo a track, all others are

muted except other tracks already soloed. For example, if you click the solo button
on track A1, and it’s the only track with solo selected, all other audio tracks are
muted. If you enable the solo button on multiple tracks, all tracks with solo
enabled play back, while all other tracks are muted.

Note: Mute and solo controls only affect playback in the Timeline. They do not suspend
audio output during Print to Tape or Edit to Tape operations, or when exporting to a
movie or audio file.

Mute control

Solo control

Audio Controls button

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Chapter 9

Timeline Basics