Final Cut Pro 6 - Sequence Clips in the Timeline

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Sequence Clips in the Timeline

Clip items in a sequence are often called sequence clips, with the item’s name
displayed at the head of the clip. If the clip item is long enough, the name is also
displayed at the end.

You can choose whether video clip items in the Timeline display thumbnails, and
whether audio clip items display audio waveforms. These options are available in the
Timeline options tab of the Sequence Settings window. (For more information, see
Volume IV, Chapter 27, “Sequence Settings and Presets.”)

The upper area indicates

the render status of

video items.

The lower area indicates
the render status of
audio items.

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Part II

Learning About the Final Cut Pro Interface

Clip items can be linked so that they can be selected and edited together. This allows
you to keep clip items that came from the same Browser clip together, such as a video
clip item and a stereo pair of audio clip items. When you select a linked clip item, all the
other linked clip items are selected as well (unless the Linked Selection button is
disabled). For more information about working with linked items, see Volume II,
Chapter 14, “Linking and Editing Video and Audio in Sync.”