Final Cut Pro 6 - Learning About the Viewer

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Learning About the Viewer

The following is a quick summary of the Viewer controls. For a more detailed
description of Viewer controls, see the sections starting with “

Tabs in the Viewer

” on

page 77.

Sprocket holes

indicate that this is

a sequence clip.

Clip name and the
project it’s in.


Out point



In point

Shuttle control

Jog control

Scrubber bar

Recent Clips
pop-up menu

Generator pop-up menu



View pop-up menu

Playhead Sync
pop-up menu

Current Timecode field

Timecode Duration field

Zoom pop-up menu

Image display area

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Part II

Learning About the Final Cut Pro Interface

 Tabs: There are five tabs that can be shown in the Viewer—Video, Audio, Filters,

Motion, and Controls—each providing certain editing functions. For more details,
see “

Tabs in the Viewer

” on page 77.

 Image display area: This is the area of the Viewer where you can see the video from

your sequence play back.

 In Point and Out point: In and Out points allow you to define a specific portion of a

clip to include in a sequence. A clip In point marks the first frame of a clip to be
edited into a sequence. A clip Out point specifies the last frame of the clip to be
used. For more information, see Volume II, Chapter 7, “Setting Edit Points for Clips
and Sequences.”

 Playhead: The position of the playhead corresponds to the currently displayed frame.

You can move the playhead to go to different parts of a clip.

 Scrubber bar: The scrubber bar represents the entire duration of a clip. You can click

anywhere in the scrubber bar to automatically move the playhead to that location.

 Transport controls: You use these to play clips and move the playhead within clips

and sequences.

 Jog and shuttle controls: You use the jog and shuttle controls to navigate within your

clip, much like traditional VTR controls.

 Marking controls: You use these to set edit points (In and Out points) and add

markers and keyframes to your clips.

 Zoom pop-up menu: This lets you enlarge or shrink the image that appears in

the Viewer.

 Playhead Sync pop-up menu: This gives you options for locking the movement of the

playheads in the Viewer and the Canvas together in different ways while scrubbing
through clips. For more information, see Volume II, Chapter 24, “Matching Frames and
Playhead Synchronization.”

 View pop-up menu: This allows you to control display options such as timecode and

marker overlays, as well as the background color for transparent pixels.

 Generator pop-up menu: You use this to select and open generators in the Viewer for

modifying and editing into your sequence. Generators are special clips that can be
generated by Final Cut Pro; for example, they can be used to create color mattes and
text of different types.

 Recent Clips pop-up menu: This allows you to open recently used clips in the Viewer

for modifying and editing into your sequence.

 Current Timecode field: This field displays the timecode of the frame at the current

position of the playhead. You can enter timecode numbers here to navigate to a new
position in the clip.

 Timecode Duration field: This field shows the current duration between the clip In

and Out points. You can change the duration here, which automatically adjusts the
the clip Out point.

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Chapter 6

Viewer Basics