Final Cut Pro 6 - Playhead Sync Pop-Up Menu

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Playhead Sync Pop-Up Menu

You can lock the Viewer playhead to the Canvas/Timeline playhead so that they move
together while scrubbing through clips.

Note: This menu also appears in the Canvas, and the options are the same.

Playhead Sync pop-up
menu in the Viewer

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Chapter 6

Viewer Basics



There are several playhead sync modes available:

 Sync Off: The Viewer and Canvas playheads move independently of one another. This

is the default behavior.

 Open: As the playhead moves through your sequence, the clip that appears at the

current position of the playhead is automatically opened in the Viewer. Playhead
sync between the Viewer and Canvas is maintained so the same frame is always
open in both windows. This method is useful when you need to quickly adjust filters
for a number of clips in a sequence, such as for color correction. Multiclip playback
mode also enables this playhead sync mode, so you can view multiple camera angles
in the Viewer while you watch the active angle in the Canvas.

 Gang: This mode allows you to establish an arbitrary synchronization between the

Viewer and Canvas/Timeline playheads. Each time you choose this mode, the current
position of each playhead is used to set the sync relationship. For more information on
ganging, see Volume II, Chapter 24, “Matching Frames and Playhead Synchronization.”