Final Cut Pro 6 - Built-in Audio Interfaces

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Built-in Audio Interfaces

The following audio interfaces are included with your Macintosh computer (though
some computer models may not include all interfaces).

Built-in Analog Audio

You can capture and output audio using the built-in audio ports on your computer. The
built-in audio interface on your computer usually uses a stereo miniplug connector. If
necessary, you can buy an adapter to connect the miniplug connector to two stereo
RCA or 1/4" tip-ring-sleeve (TRS) connectors, which can then be connected to your
video or audio device.

For basic mixing, you can connect the built-in audio output on your computer to a pair
of external speakers. This gives you two output channels, which can be configured for
dual mono or stereo playback.

Built-in S/PDIF Digital Audio

Some computers have built-in S/PDIF optical digital ports (sometimes called TOSLINK)
that you can connect to some CD players, DAT recorders, and other digital audio devices.

DV FireWire

If your sequence uses a DV codec, you can output audio via the FireWire port on your
computer. This allows you to use a DV deck, DV camcorder, or DV-to-analog converter
as an audio interface. In this case, you connect your FireWire cable to your DV device
and then connect the audio outputs of the DV device to external speakers or a
television monitor.


Analog Audio or video device

Stereo miniplug


RCA connector (2)

TOSLINK optical

digital connector

Audio or video device


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Chapter 12

Connecting Professional Video and Audio Equipment