Final Cut Pro 6 - FireWire for Digital Audio

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FireWire for Digital Audio

As an alternate to PCI cards, many manufacturers now offer audio interfaces that
connect to your computer’s FireWire port. These are not DV devices, but merely devices
that use FireWire as a means of transferring digital audio data. FireWire interfaces are
more convenient to switch between computers than PCI cards, and they can be used
with both desktop and portable computers. A FireWire interface typically supports ten
or more inputs, and at least eight outputs.



RCA connector (2)

Analog or digital VTR

Audio interface


Breakout box

FireWire 400


XLR connector (2)

Analog or digital VTR

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Chapter 12

Connecting Professional Video and Audio Equipment




Although a FireWire bus supports a very high data rate, connecting too

many devices, such as a DV video device, a FireWire hard disk, and a FireWire audio
interface, could potentially exceed the bus speed, resulting in dropped video frames
or audio with missing samples.