Final Cut Pro 6 - PCI Audio Interface Card

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PCI Audio Interface Card

Of all the audio interfaces, PCI audio interfaces provide the maximum transfer speed and
can support many channels with high sample rates. Many audio interfaces come with a
separate breakout box where the audio input and output connectors are located.

PCI Audio Interface Card with Built-in Connectors

Some PCI audio interface cards have audio connectors attached directly to the card.
Because there is limited space on a PCI card to mount audio connectors, RCA
connectors are typically used.

PCI Audio Interface Card with Breakout Box

The majority of PCI audio interface cards have a breakout box with a large number of
XLR or 1/4" TRS connectors. The breakout box is attached to the PCI card via a long
cable with a multipin connector. The long cable allows you to place the breakout box
in a convenient location, so you can easily connect and disconnect your video and
audio devices without going behind your computer.


(PCI card with


Audio or video device

RCA connector (2)

Breakout box


(with PCI card)

Analog or digital VTR

XLR connector (2)

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