Final Cut Pro 6 - USB Audio Interfaces

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USB Audio Interfaces

There are a wide variety of USB audio interfaces available. Most support two or four audio
channels at one time. USB audio interfaces vary in quality considerably, so take some
time to research before you purchase. The connectors on USB interfaces vary; some
interfaces have RCA connectors and others have both XLR and 1/4" TRS connectors.
Very inexpensive USB audio interfaces may have only a stereo miniplug connector.

Make sure you don’t exceed the total bandwidth of the USB bus by connecting too
many devices. USB 1.1 has a fairly low data rate, so be careful not to add too many
USB items to the bus. Also, USB hubs can potentially cause audio problems. If you are
having audio problems with a USB interface connected to a hub, try removing
USB devices and eliminating the hub from the connection.

USB 2.0 audio interfaces are also available. Because USB 2.0 devices can handle high
data rates (similar to FireWire 400), you can treat them similarly to FireWire audio
interfaces (described below).