Final Cut Pro 6 - Component YUV and Component RGB

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Component YUV and Component RGB

Professional video equipment, such as Betacam SP decks, has component YUV (Y’C





video inputs and outputs. Component YUV separates color and brightness information
into three signals, which keeps the color quality more accurate than that of other
systems. Component YUV is as good as analog video gets. High-end consumer devices,
such as DVD players and televisions, have increasingly begun to support component YUV.

Note: Another form of component video, component RGB, is not as widespread on
professional equipment as component YUV.

Both component YUV and RGB signals use from three to five connectors. You can use
three BNC connectors, plus a fourth (typically labeled “genlock” or “house sync”) to
send a timing signal. Sync can also be embedded in the Y or G part of the signal (using
three connectors), a separate composite signal on a fourth connector, or separate
H and V drive signals (using five connectors). See your equipment’s documentation for
more information.