Final Cut Pro 6 - Components of a Professional FinalCutPro Editing System

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Components of a Professional Final Cut Pro Editing System

Final Cut Pro editing systems can be configured to meet the most demanding
professional requirements. An advanced editing system can be built by expanding the
basic system described in “

Components of a Basic Final Cut Pro Editing System

” on

page 161.

 Macintosh computer with Final Cut Pro installed: The core of your editing system
 Professional video and audio devices: For capturing footage and outputting

finished projects

 External video and audio monitors: For evaluating your final image quality (especially

during color correction) and listening to your finished sound mix

 Video and audio interfaces: For connecting professional and non-FireWire devices to

your editing system

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Part III

Setting Up Your Editing System

 RS-422 serial device control interfaces: For remote device control during capture

and output

 Video, audio, and remote device control cables: For separate video, audio, and remote

device control connections. Unlike a basic DV editing system, which uses a solitary
FireWire cable to transfer video, audio, and remote control signals, many professional
configurations require separate cables for each of these signals.

 Additional scratch disks: One or more internal or external hard disks, a RAID, or a

connection to a storage area network (SAN)