Final Cut Pro 6 - Planning for Additional Media Files

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Planning for Additional Media Files

In addition to space for captured files and project files, you need extra space for render
files, graphics, movie files created in other applications (such as animations), additional
audio files, and so on. A loose rule of thumb to determine how much space you need is
to multiply the amount of space needed for your finished program by five.

Ultimately, the amount of extra space you reserve depends on how much additional
media you create during editing. For example, if you use hardly any effects, additional
render files may not be a factor. If you are using only a few graphics files and little
additional audio, these may not be a concern, either.

Keep in mind that although real-time effects don’t require additional drive space for
rendering, you still need to render the effects at high quality for final output, so at that
point you need enough disk space for render files.