Final Cut Pro 6 - Storage Area Networks

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Storage Area Networks

A storage area network (SAN) such as an Apple Xsan system consists of one or more
disk arrays that are made available to multiple computer systems simultaneously.
Broadcast and post-production facilities can use an Xsan system to share a single set of
media files among multiple editing systems.

Xsan software allows an administrator to control SAN access privileges for each editing
system. For example, a capturing edit station may have read-and-write access to the
SAN, while an assistant editor station may only have read access to media files for a
particular project. An administrator may also control permissions to make sure editors
capture material only to specific folders.

Advantages of Xsan include:

 Media files are instantly accessible from multiple editing systems.
 Storage capacity and bandwidth can be scaled as needed.
 Editors can move between editing suites and continue working on the same project

without moving media files.

 Assistant editors can load, output, or archive media without disturbing an ongoing

edit session.

 Producers can view dailies or finished sequences for approval without being in an

editing suite.

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