Final Cut Pro 6 - Digital Cinema Desktop Preview – Main

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Digital Cinema Desktop Preview - Main

Video is shown on the main computer display (that normally shows the menu bar for
applications). This option is available at all times, regardless of how many displays you
have connected. Video presented on the main display is always shown in full-screen
mode and scaled to fit the display in at least one dimension. If the aspect ratio of the
video signal and the computer display do not match, the video on the display is
letterboxed (black on top and bottom) or pillarboxed (black on sides) as necessary. This
is identical to full-screen mode on a second display.

 Pro: You can use this format on single-display systems, such as a portable computer

editing system.

 Con: The normal computer interface is covered by the Digital Cinema Desktop

Preview display, so you can’t see Final Cut Pro when you choose to view full-screen
video this way.