Final Cut Pro 6 - Different Ways to Capture Footage

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Different Ways to Capture Footage

Final Cut Pro gives you several options for capturing your footage to disk:

 Capture multiple clips at once (batch capture): Once you’ve logged your clips or

imported a batch list, you can capture multiple clips in the Browser at once using the
Capture Batch button in the Log and Capture window. For more information, see the
next section, “

Batch Capturing Clips


 Capture one clip at a time as you log in the Log and Capture window: You usually do

this to precisely control the capture process and clip settings for each clip. See

Capturing Clips as You Log (Capture Clip)

” on page 279.

 Capture an entire tape, or portions of a tape, in one pass: Afterwards, you can break the

clip into smaller subclips and add logging information in the Browser. For more
information, see “

Capturing Entire Tapes (Capture Now)

” on page 280.