Final Cut Pro 6 - Limiting the Duration of the Capture Now Process

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Limiting the Duration of the Capture Now Process

When you use Capture Now, the captured media file increases in size until you
manually stop the capture process or until the Capture Now time limit is reached. This
limit can be set in the Scratch Disks tab of the System Settings window.

To set the Capture Now duration:


Choose Final Cut Pro > System Settings, then click the Scratch Disks tab.


In the Limit Capture Now To field, enter the maximum duration (in minutes) that
Final Cut Pro will capture when you use Capture Now.

For example, if you have a 1-hour tape, you can set the limit to 64 minutes (60 minutes
plus 4 additional minutes to be safe), begin the Capture Now process, and then leave
and return several hours later. Instead of capturing until your scratch disk is filled,
Final Cut Pro stops capturing after 64 minutes.