Final Cut Pro 6 - Recapturing Clips

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Recapturing Clips

When you recapture a clip, you capture its media file, even if it already has a media file
associated with it. There may be several reasons why you’d want to recapture clips:

 You accidentally deleted a clip’s media file.
 You captured a clip with the wrong capture preset.
 You captured clips at a low resolution for rough, offline editing, and now want to

recapture the clips at full resolution for your final sequence.

Recapturing is essentially the same as capturing. The only notable difference is that
when you recapture, there may already be a media file associated with a clip. When you
recapture media, you can replace the clip’s existing media file, or capture a new media
file to a different location by changing the path of the scratch disk. For more
information, see “

Specifying Scratch Disks

” on page 165.

To recapture your clips, simply follow the batch capturing steps described earlier in
this chapter.