Final Cut Pro 6 - Choosing Audio File Sample Rate and Bit Depth

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Choosing Audio File Sample Rate and Bit Depth

Final Cut Pro can import audio with any bit depth and sample rate supported by
QuickTime and Mac OS X Core Audio. Final Cut Pro performs real-time bit depth
conversion and sample rate conversion when your audio file settings don’t match your
sequence settings. However, less processor power is required when your audio file
settings and sequence settings match.

Common sample rates and bit depths used in the video industry are:

 32 kHz/12-bit: Consumer mini-DV camcorders can record four channels of audio

using these settings. This is not recommended for most productions.

 44.1 kHz/16-bit: Audio CDs and consumer DAT recorders use these audio settings.
 48 kHz/16-bit: DV, HDV, and DVD all use these audio settings.
 48 kHz/20-bit: Some professional video devices record natively in this format.
 96 kHz/24-bit: These settings are becoming increasingly popular for professional

sound and music production, although most video formats still record with 48 kHz.

For more information, see Volume III, Chapter 1, “Audio Fundamentals.”