Final Cut Pro 6 - Using Audio CD Tracks in Your Project

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Using Audio CD Tracks in Your Project

Mac OS X recognizes each track on a standard audio CD as an individual AIFF file. These
files can be copied directly from a CD to your hard disk and then imported into
Final Cut Pro without any conversion.

Files copied from an audio CD have a sample rate of 44.1 kHz and sample size (bit
depth) of 16 bits. If you’re working with a DV sequence, you can convert the sample
rate using Final Cut Pro. For more information, see “

Converting Audio Clips to Match

Sequence Settings

” on page 324.


Do not import clips from a CD or DVD directly into Final Cut Pro. These clips

will go offline as soon as you eject the disc from the drive. Make sure you copy the files
to your hard disk before importing them.

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Logging, Capturing, and Importing