Final Cut Pro 6 - About Importing Video Files

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About Importing Video Files

You can import any QuickTime-compatible media files into Final Cut Pro, but to avoid
rendering, your media files need to match your sequence settings. For example, if you
create a motion graphics title sequence in another application and then export to a
QuickTime movie for use in Final Cut Pro, make sure you export using the same
settings as the sequence into which you plan to edit the title sequence.

Before you export a movie file for use in your Final Cut Pro sequence, do
the following:


Check the following sequence settings:

 Frame rate (editing timebase)
 Image dimensions
 Pixel aspect ratio
 Video codec and quality settings
 Audio sample rate and bit depth

For details on how to do this, see Volume IV, Chapter 27, “Sequence Settings and


Set your QuickTime export settings to match the settings of the sequence you want to
edit your exported media file into.

To import a QuickTime movie file into Final Cut Pro, follow the steps in “


Media Files

” on page 316.

If any of the settings in your imported QuickTime file don’t match your sequence
settings, a red video render bar appears in the Timeline when you add that clip to the
sequence. You can check the settings of the clip by choosing
Edit > Item Properties > Format.