Final Cut Pro 6 - About MXF-Based Formats

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About MXF-Based Formats

MXF is not a video format itself, but rather a format that can contain almost any kind of
video or audio media. MXF is similar to QuickTime, which is not a single video signal, but
a general media format that can contain video compressed with supported codecs, audio
with different sample rates, video with different dimensions, frame rates, and so on.

A number of video formats can be stored within MXF files. For example, a DV movie
can be stored within an MXF file. Final Cut Pro works with QuickTime media files, so you
need to convert MXF data to QuickTime before you can start editing.

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Chapter 20

Importing Media Files into Your Project



Some examples of popular video formats that are stored in an MXF container include:

 IMX: A standard definition, MPEG-2, I-frame-only video format. IMX media can be

stored on a tape, hard disk, or optical disc.

 Footage on Panasonic P2 cards: P2 cards store DV, DVCPRO, DVCPRO 50, or DVCPRO

HD footage within MXF files.

For more information about importing these formats, choose HD and Broadcast
Formats from the Final Cut Pro Help menu.