Final Cut Pro 6 - Importing a Numbered Image Sequence into FinalCutPro

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Importing a Numbered Image Sequence into Final Cut Pro

You can import a numbered image sequence as a set of individual image files. This
gives you more flexibility because you have control over which files are imported and
which of those are then edited into your sequence.

To import image files from a numbered image sequence:


Choose Final Cut Pro > User Preferences, then click the Editing tab.


Set the Still/Freeze Duration value to one frame (00:00:00:01).


Open the project where you want to import the files.

For more information, see “

Opening and Closing Projects

” on page 34.


Import all the image files associated with the numbered image sequence you want to
use in your project.

For more information, see “

Importing Media Files

” on page 316.


Do one of the following:

 Choose File > New > Sequence.
 Control-click in the Browser, then choose New Sequence from the shortcut menu.


Double-click the new sequence to open it in the Timeline.

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Part IV

Logging, Capturing, and Importing


Select the newly imported bin with all the image clips in it, open it, and press
Command-A to select all these clips.


Drag the clips to the Insert section of the Edit Overlay in the Canvas.

You can now edit this sequence into other sequences.