Final Cut Pro 6 - Importing Still Images and Graphics

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Importing Still Images and Graphics

You can import most graphic formats supported by QuickTime into your project. The
most common ways to create or acquire still images to use in a Final Cut Pro
sequence include:

 Capturing with a digital camera
 Scanning from a book or photograph
 Downloading from the web

Note: Be aware of copyright issues and don’t use images that you don’t have
permission to use.

 Capturing from a standard-definition or high-definition video camera
 Creating with a desktop publishing or graphics application

Keep in mind that the image needs to be in one of the formats supported by
Final Cut Pro: PICT, TIFF, TGA, PDF, Photoshop, or JPEG. Most of these file formats can
also contain an alpha channel. For more information about alpha channels, see
Volume III, Chapter 19, “Compositing and Layering.” For detailed information about
working with still images and graphics, see Volume III, Chapter 18, “Working With
Freeze Frames and Still Images.”