Final Cut Pro 6 - Benefits of Logging

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Benefits of Logging

Aside from the practical matters of selecting which footage to capture to disk, logging
has many editorial benefits, too:

 By watching the footage, you familiarize yourself with the material of your project.

The better you know your footage, the more options you have when you’re stuck in
an editorial corner.

 Adding descriptive notes, comments, and labels to the footage helps you, and other

editors on the project, navigate large amounts of original source material.

 The first time you watch the footage is a unique occasion to view it objectively. Your

gut reactions are important to note at this time. They serve as valuable reminders of
what a first-time viewer may think of the footage long after you have seen the same
shots over and over again.

 Meticulous logging can identify problem shots early on, when there is still a chance

to fix them. For example, if there is only one take of a particular scene, and it is
flawed, the director may have an opportunity to reshoot it if informed early enough.
Usually, these discoveries should be made in production, during the review of dailies.
As an editor, you have the potential to warn the production crew of possible errors
before it is too late.

 Logging can reduce the amount of footage you capture and edit with. Editing is a

constant process of refinement and reduction of footage. When you log your
footage, you can often eliminate a large amount of footage before you start editing.

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Chapter 16

Logging Clips