Final Cut Pro 6 - Setting a Logging Bin to Store Logged Clips

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Setting a Logging Bin to Store Logged Clips

When you log clips, you need to specify a logging bin where the clips are stored in
your project. By default, the project itself is considered to be the logging bin, but you
can create a new bin or assign any bin in your project as the logging bin.

Logging Bin Controls in the Logging Tab

Use the Logging Bin controls to choose where logged clips are stored when you use
the Log Clip or Capture Clip buttons.

 Log Bin: This button contains the name of the bin in your project where logged clips

will be placed. There can be only one logging bin at a time, no matter how many
projects are open. When you click this button, the bin opens in its own window; if
the bin is already open, it brings that window to the front.

 Up: Click to move the logging bin up a level from the currently selected one. For

example, you could switch from a bin to the bin that contains it. If the current
logging bin is at the highest level, clicking this button assigns the project itself as the
logging bin.

 New Bin: Click this to create a new bin inside of the currently selected bin, and set it

as the logging bin.

Creating and Setting a Logging Bin

You can create and set the logging bin in the Logging tab of the Log and Capture
window or in the Browser. A slate icon appears next to the bin in the Browser to
indicate that it is the current logging bin.

To create and set a new logging bin in the Log and Capture window:


In the Logging tab, click the New Bin button.

New Bin


The Log Bin button

contains the name of the

currently selected

logging bin.

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Part IV

Logging, Capturing, and Importing

To set an existing bin in the Browser as the current logging bin:


In the Browser, select the bin you want to use as your logging bin and do one of
the following:

 Choose File > Set Logging Bin.
 Control-click the bin, then choose Set Logging Bin from the shortcut menu.

As you log your clips, you may want to check to see how many you have or view
their names.

To open the logging bin, do one of the following:


In the Log and Capture window, click the Logging tab, then click the Log Bin button.


In the Browser, double-click the logging bin.


In the Browser, click the disclosure triangle next to the logging bin.