Final Cut Pro 6 - Preparing to Log

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Preparing to Log

During the logging stage, you find out just how organized you really were during the
production phase. No matter how careful you were, a few things may not have been
labeled properly, or some information may be missing. Take time before you begin
post-production to get your tapes as organized as possible.

Remember that the list below is really a production checklist. However, any
inconsistencies during production should be straightened out before you start
logging and capturing.

 Clearly label each of your tapes (reels) with a unique, simple name.

If for any reason you ever leave the Final Cut Pro editing environment to work on
another system, simpler reel names will cause less confusion. See “

Choosing Reel


” on page 250.

 Use a simple clip-naming convention.

Final Cut Pro can handle long clip names, but other systems often can’t. See

Choosing Names and Log Information for Clips

” on page 251.

 Identify the audio sample rate and bit depth of your tapes.

You should always log and capture your footage with matching sample rate and bit
depth settings.