Final Cut Pro 6 - Tabs in the Log and Capture Window

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Tabs in the Log and Capture Window

The Log and Capture window has several tabs:

 Logging: Use this tab to add descriptive information to each clip that you log, such

as reel name, In and Out points, scene/take number, markers, and so on. Much of this
information can also be added later in the Browser. For more information, see

Logging a Clip

” on page 266.

Mark In

Clip Out Point
Timecode field

Go to Out Point

Go to In Point

Mark Out

Clip In Point

Timecode field

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Chapter 15

Overview of Logging and Capturing



 Clip Settings: Use this tab to choose which video and audio tracks you capture from

tape. You can choose to capture video only, audio only, or both video and audio, and
you can specify which audio channels you capture. You can also adjust video levels
for each clip using the waveform monitor and vectorscope; audio levels can be
monitored using the audio meters. You can also monitor the incoming audio signal
by selecting the Preview option. For more information, see “

Selecting Which Tracks to


” on page 263.

Note: Video levels can only be adjusted for analog video interfaces.

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Part IV

Logging, Capturing, and Importing

 Capture Settings: Use this tab to select a scratch disk for capture, a capture preset

(video and audio rate, compression settings, and frame size) and a device control
preset to remotely control your video or audio device. For more information, see

Changing Capture Settings

” on page 266.